"What do I say to that? It’s totally fair to go there. I probably would’ve gone there myself. But I would say, though there is stuff from the comics this season, there is also some stuff that is very much from the imagination of the writers, who include Robert Kirkman, that is not from the comics. It can be inspired by the comics, it can be totally different from the comics. Terminus simply wasn’t in the comics, and it’s its own thing. It might circle back to aspects of the comic, it might be more of a long road to other things in the comic."

— Scott Gimple, Let’s talk about the people about Terminus, the speculation from the comics. You said at one point ‘If I didn’t read the comics, would I jump to cannibalism? (via the-walking-dead-amc)




"I waited too long to read the sequel, and now I can’t even remember the characters."

                                                                                 A novel by me

"I read the whole series in less than two days, and now can’t separate the events of individual books" the thrilling sequel

"I’ve read so much fanfic for this series, I can’t remember what really happened in the books" the stunning conclusion

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At Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio [more]x

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Grimes Family (◡‿◡✿)

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this could be love

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I feel you Entertainment Weekly…


I feel you Entertainment Weekly…

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TWD’s acc tweeted this! 💕


TWD’s acc tweeted this! 💕

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"Your whole family’s gone and all you can do is go out looking for hooch like some dumb college bitch!"

"Screw you, you don’t get it." 

I really enjoy that even the writer of the episode put in stuff to defend Beth, from her speech at the country club to Daryl to this. It’s like they knew all the shit people would talk about Beth and the booze quest, so they had her address all of it. 

and people still don’t fucking get it

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"Me too."
The Walking Dead - 30 Days Without An Accident

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